Garden Care

Once you have your plants, their aftercare is most important and we offer everything to assist:

We stock a comprehensive range of feeds, fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides, weedkillers and lawn care products from leading suppliers such as Scotts, Vitax, Westland and Bayer to care for all your plants.

Our general entry-level range of tools are carbon steel and include spades, forks, rakes, hoes, secateurs and loppers. We have Wilkinson Sword stainless steel tools with wooden handles and the popular Wolf range which offers multi-change heads and handles meaning once you have found a suitable handle you can just buy the tool heads, for cultivating, weeding, raking or even sweeping, saving storage space, money and even backache! Wilkinson Sword and Wolf also have comprehensive collections of cutting tools from secateurs and shears to loppers and telescopic pruners.

Whether growing Climbers or tall Perennials we have a diverse selection of obelisks and plant supports. Remember when growing tall cottage garden plants such as delphiniums or foxgloves, it is always advisable to put the plant supports in place early in the season before the plant grows too leggy and then it can grow through the support without damage.

For those customers who prefer to plant up their own hanging baskets, we have everything you need:- hanging baskets, ironwork hayracks and windowboxes, liners, brackets, hooks and accessories.

The trend for growing your own vegetables and fruit at home is still continuing. We have everything you need from seed trays, propagators, cloches, mini tunnels and growhouses to protective netting and tomato cages.

And we have all those other little things you need such as string, greenhouse clips, wire, bamboo canes, strimmer line, thermometers, garden rubbish sacks, the list is endless…..!