Christmas & Christmas Trees

We are renowned for our quality Christmas Trees. From the last week in November we receive our trees from our UK based grower. We only buy the best grade trees so you can be sure to find that perfect tree.

We Stock:

Nordman Fir which are renowned for there long lasting needle retention and by far the most popular Christmas tree available. It has soft glossy dark green needles and has a lovely symmetrical shape with strong branches.

Fraser Fir has branches that turn slightly upward. They have a slimmer form to the  Nordman but also have good needle-retention. They are dark blue-green in colour and have a lovely Christmas scent.

Norway Spruce is the traditional Christmas tree which can be found in many homes throughout the UK.
The tree features pointed mid-green colour needles. Many people enjoy the scent when taken indoors.

Pot Grown Christmas trees both Nordman and Norway Spruce ranging from 3ft to 4.5ft.


The Journey through our Winter Wonderland…..

Wander through each themed area:

“Classic Christmas” has traditional decorations, Santas and ornate baubles in rich reds, golds and greens along with fireside accessories, candles and tableware.

“Magical Memories” with Thaxters’ famous animated Father Christmas reading his book alongside children’s toys, games, puzzles and books as well as bright, fun decorations and elves. There are also named cards, decorations, jigsaws and books for that personalised children’s gift.

Owls and other creatures can be found in the warm “Winter Woodland” with large lanterns and twig trees.  The enchanting “Forest Glade” has a fantasy feel with green and pink decorations, flowers, ferns and toadstools.

“Snowy White” is full of crystals and snow with polar bears, icicles and snowflakes, “Midnight Sparkle” has a classy mix of gold and silver and “Opulent” has rich blues, pinks and purples.

There’s a great selection of indoor and outdoor lights, fibre optic trees, animated villages, glitter spinners, lit canvases as well as artificial trees.  Plus garlands, wreaths and silk flowers and a huge selection of tinsel to finish off your decorating.

From late November our real Christmas trees will be on sale.  We stock the non needle-drop Nordman Fir and traditional Norway Spruce in cut trees.  We can provide a blocking service where your tree is inserted into a timber block which will act as a stand, or we have metal stands where water can be added to prolong the life of your tree.  Your tree will be netted to make it easier for you to fit in the car to take home, or we can provide a delivery service for larger trees.  As well as cut trees we have a selection of smaller pot-grown and containerised trees.

Plain or decorated fresh wreaths will also be available from early December.