When planting summer containers & baskets in May, add water retaining gel crystals to ensure compost stays moist and slow-release fertiliser to encourage strong growth.

Keep your hanging baskets and containers in the greenhouse to develop before moving them outside once there is no likelihood of frosts.

If your roses were troubled by blackspot last year, spray with ‘roseclear’ as soon as first shoots appear. This will also control against mildew and aphid attack.

Start sowing small trays of salad leaves at weekly intervals for an endless supply of salads throughout the summer.

Companion plant marigolds alongside greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers to deter whitefly from the crops.

Feed acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons, hydrangeas and camellias with ericaceous feed such as sequestrene of iron.

Continue using feed, weed & moss killer on your lawn now as a 4-in-1 application or ‘extreme green’ once you have mown to green up the grass.

Harden off bedding plants for a few weeks before planting them outside by putting them outside during the day and bringing them in at night.

As the weather gets hotter, apply shading to your greenhouse either by painting on greenhouse shading or using shade netting.

Use plant supports for taller herbaceous perennials to prevent them from damage in windy weather.