Remember to water hanging baskets and containers daily in June’s hot weather and feed with a high potash fertiliser such as tomorite once a week. Dead-head regularly to encourage more flowers.

When planting summer containers and baskets add water- retaining gel crystals to ensure compost stays moist and slow release fertiliser to encourage strong growth.

Apply residual weedkiller such as ‘Weedol Pathclear’ to paths, patios and drives to kill existing and prevent new weeds coming through.

Check lilies for bright red lily beetles which will make holes in leaves and flower buds, remove and destroy them or spray with systemic provado bug killer.

Sow mixed salad leaves at regular intervals to have a constant supply throughout the summer. These can be grown in pots on the patio as well as in the garden.

Outdoor varieties of tomatoes can be put outside now. Once flowers have set, water and feed regularly.

Protect fruit and vegetables from bird and insect damage by covering with netting.

Apply feed, such as aftercut, to lawns to green them up.

Use ‘roseclear’ to treat pests and diseases on roses.

Damp down the greenhouse floor on hot days to raise humidity and prevent red spider mite.