Look through seed catalogues and plan and choose varieties, many can be sown in January.

Clean old seed trays, pots & propagators and buy new ones if necessary.

Buy seed potatoes, but store them away from frost. If you haven’t grown them before – try a patio potato planter with a few first earlies.

Summer flowering bulbs can be bought now, but keep them frost- free until planting in the Spring.

Use fleece and fleece bags to protect plants against frosts.

Remember to feed the birds and provide water for them in a bird bath. Use high energy foods such as sunflower hearts, fat balls and suet blocks when it is very cold.

Don’t forget the big garden birdwatch at the end of January – see RSPB website for more details.

Put up nest boxes ready for the Spring.

Clean moss and algae from slippery paths, steps and decking – try our miracle block paving & patio brush or “patio magic”.

Reduce risk of damage to outdoor pots by improving drainage & raising them on pot feet.

Use primroses in containers and to fill and brighten up gaps in the garden.

If you didn’t get around to planting bulbs in the autumn, buy potted ones to fill in gaps and create early colour.

Keep off lawns during frosty weather to avoid damage.

Gently brush off snow that has settled on branches to prevent breakages.