Dead-head basket and bedding plants regularly throughout August, as leaving them to set seed can stop the plants producing further flowers. Also keep feeding with a high potash fertiliser such as Tomorite.

Sow hardy annuals for early flowers next year.

Plant specially prepared seed potatoes for harvesting at christmas in large patio pots or potato bags – move into a greenhouse before first frosts.

Use perennials such as echinacea, leucanthemum, sedum and michaelmas daisy type asters to give late summer colour in the borders.

Once young birds have flown the nest, hedges can be trimmed. This should be completed by early September before colder weather arrives. Many varieties such as beech, hawthorn and holly need pruning just once annually.

Plan your spring flowering bulb display and start to buy bulbs now so as not to miss out on the more unusual varieties – available from mid-august. Remember; larger bulbs produce more flowers!

Hang wasp traps in fruit trees so you can enjoy the fruit rather than them!

Keep feeding tomatoes, peppers, aubergines & similar crops to promote further fruiting. Use a high potash fertiliser.

In very dry weather raise the cut height on your lawn mower or stop cutting altogether to allow grass to regrow. Add grass clippings to your compost heap or bin unless you’ve recently used weed or moss killer on the lawn.